What Is HTMLCoin?

There are quite a few “older” cryptocurrencies which still fly under the radar today. HTMLCoin certainly falls into this category, even though the team intends to set a new standard for cryptocurrency and blockchain innovation in the future. There are some interesting aspects of HTMLCoin, including its hybrid approach and the use of Ethereum’s Virtual Machine.

Why is HTMLCoin a Currency?

There can never be enough ventures to promote the benefits of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. The HTMLCoin Foundation was formed to do exactly that. The team wants to provide the masses with the tools necessary to join these new ecosystems, as well as connect them to the businesses which need these types of users. Empowering people and creating new opportunities are two of the main purposes of HTMLCoin.

How Does it all Work?

HTMLCoin uses a hybrid approach to combine the best of Bitcoin and Ethereum into one offering. More specifically, this hybrid blockchain technology uses Bitcoin Core technology, proof-of-stake, and the Ethereum Virtual Machine. It has transformed HTMLCoin into a dynamic currency capable of being used across various industries worldwide. It is evident this vision will only come true if enough companies embrace this new business model in the future.

Under the hood, HTMLCoin uses real-time checkpointing to protect the blockchain from 51% attacks, which is something more cryptocurrencies should look into. There are also smart contracts which allow for automating projects built on top of this ecosystem. There is also room for decentralized applications, which is something one would expect from any project focusing on smart contracts as well. HTMLCoin has a distributed computing network capable of building complex applications.

To build a project on top of HTMLCoin, there are a few ways to go about things. Between a learning platform, a freelance solution, and even a crowdfunding platform, the possibilities are virtually limitless when it comes to this particular currency. For now, the team is working on a platform to bring freelancers and businesses together.

The Use Cases for HTMLCoin

Even though HTMLCoin is a cryptocurrency first and foremost, it is not necessarily easy to find any official use cases for this coin. While it is evident this currency can be a go-to currency for smart contract and dApp functionality moving forward, it will be interesting to see how many people favor HTMLCoin over some of the other currencies focused on similar technology.

What is Next for HTMLCoin?

The Freelance platform for iOS and Android users will be released in the very near future. It will be one of the first real-world use cases for HTMLCoin, which is more than welcome. In March, we will see the introduction of smart contracts for the native e-learning program. There will be other features to come, but it is evident it will take a lot of time until those solutions come to fruition.