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HTML5 Security Concerns Can Affect Any Platform, Including Bitcoin-related Sites

Internet security comes in many different forms. When HTML5 was announced as the soon-to-be new standard, a lot of people got excited. Flash is one of the most vulnerable protocols to be found on the web, yet so many platforms rely on Flash to show video content. But HTML5 is not without its flaws either, despite the enhancements it offers for building new applications. Why You Should Be Careful Around …
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Adobe Flash Security Experts Fix Yet Another Zero-day Vulnerability

Computer security remains a topic of substantial debate, and even technology giants have to stay on their toes at all times. Adobe had to patch yet another Flash zero-day vulnerability, for the third month in a row. It is due time Flash is weeded out completely sooner rather than later. Adobe Flash Springs Yet Another Security leak For a plugin that is still far too prevalent on the World Wide …
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