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Monero Developers Release Non-Beta GUI Binaries for Helium Hydra Upgrade

The Monero community has been patiently waiting for major upgrades to the protocol. Most of these changes were introduced in the recent Helium Hydra release, although there are a lot of new features and services on the horizon which are not part of that update. The Monero developers have also released a GUI wallet for the new update, as the wallet needed to undergo some major changes as well. Helium Hydra GUI Binaries are Here …
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What Is Monero’s Helium Hydra Release?

The Monero ecosystem is set to undergo some big changes over the coming months. A lot of new features and updates have been announced, all of which will have their own impacts. The first release is the Helium Hydra client update. It packs a ton of new features under the hood that will elevate Monero to the next level. Monero’s Helium Hydra Release is a big Deal As we have …
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