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Australia’s First Retail Crypto Asset Hedge Fund Will Launch This Year

Cryptocurrencies have proven to be an interesting topic of conversation in Australia. It is a largely regulated market, even though accessing this new form of money is still pretty difficult these days. Every Capital is the country’s first retail crypto asset hedge fund, and it’s making cryptocurrency investment a lot easier. The Purpose of Every Capital There has been a significant increase in the number of hedge funds paying attention …
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Harvard Students Set up the Plympton Capital Cryptocurrency Hedge Fund

Cryptocurrency hedge funds have become a lot more popular in the past few months. Dozens of firms have set up ways to expose investors to the volatility¬†of the cryptocurrency industry. It now seems Harvard University students have gotten into the game, as four of them have set up the Plympton Capital initiative. The Cryptocurrency Craze Continues For the average consumer, there are many ways to invest in Bitcoin and other …
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Top 4 Hedge Fund Fails

The financial sector has taken several beatings over the past few decades. As a result of this economic instability, a lot of consumers and investors have put some money into hedge fund offerings. Unfortunately, not all of these schemes end on a positive note, and quite a few of them have come to an end prematurely. Any investment is risky, and hedge funds are no different in that regard. #4 …
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