Australia’s First Retail Crypto Asset Hedge Fund Will Launch This Year

Cryptocurrencies have proven to be an interesting topic of conversation in Australia. It is a largely regulated market, even though accessing this new form of money is still pretty difficult these days. Every Capital is the country’s first retail crypto asset hedge fund, and it’s making cryptocurrency investment a lot easier.

The Purpose of Every Capital

There has been a significant increase in the number of hedge funds paying attention to various cryptocurrencies. This particular market has been of keen interest to consumers and investors alike, for obvious reasons. Even with the recent price declines, overall interest in Bitcoin and certain alternative cryptocurrencies is not slowing down just yet.

In Australia, consumers and institutional investors are demanding more access to cryptocurrencies. Providing that access has proven somewhat difficult. There is a lack of competition among exchanges, although the recently launched CoinJar Exchange might make positive things happen in the near future.

Even so, traditional exchanges are not the solution institutional investors are looking for. Instead, they will seek more traditional investment platforms, such as hedge funds, investment applications, and so forth. Every Capital is trying to fill that void by becoming the country’s first retail crypto asset hedge fund.

The firm is mainly interested in contributions from everyday individuals, rather than institutions, although their product will attract users from both camps. The main purpose of Every Capital is to make investing in cryptocurrencies a lot more appealing.

One will be able to invest in cryptocurrencies and ICO tokens alike with Australian dollars, allowing for a more diversified investment portfolio. Additionally, the company will focus on security by utilizing cold storage, multisig wallets, and so forth.

For the time being, Every Capital’s venture is still in development. It is expected to roll out to select customers later this year. Making it easier for Australians to invest in various cryptocurrencies can only be considered a good thing. Additional methods for converting Australian dollars to cryptocurrencies are more than needed at this time.