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How Headphones Have Changed the Workplace Forever

People today are listening to music on their headphones and earbuds nearly everywhere; on trains, buses, planes, and many more. But only about 100 years ago, headphones didn’t exist yet. In fact in 1895, the Electrophone allowed subscribers to listen in on live performances over phone lines and cost, in today’s dollars, around $800 a year – that’s more than 6 times what Spotify costs today. The first real headphones, …
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Headphones Review: BlitzWolf BS2

How do you listen to your audio? Headphones have been around for ages, and although you’ve probably gone through a few different styles over the years, little has changed in the actual part of the headphones that counts, the drivers. The best standard drivers are tuned to sound great and have diaphragms engineered to widen the frequency range. With all the tech out there, you still can’t beat the physical limitations of …
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Pair of Wireless Headphones Explodes Mid-Flight

There is plenty of concern when it comes to dealing with electronics that might explode. One Australian woman fell victim to her wireless headphones exploding in the midst of a flight from Beijing to Melbourne. As a result of this event, she suffered from singed hair and a blackened face. Thankfully, the injuries weren’t as grave as they could have been. Even Wireless Headphones Can Explode As we have mentioned …
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