Headphones Review: BlitzWolf BS2

How do you listen to your audio? Headphones have been around for ages, and although you’ve probably gone through a few different styles over the years, little has changed in the actual part of the headphones that counts, the drivers.

The best standard drivers are tuned to sound great and have diaphragms engineered to widen the frequency range. With all the tech out there, you still can’t beat the physical limitations of a single driver. When a single driver is pressed to produce a full range, it will distort much easier than it would if it were only covering a smaller range. The wider the range, the greater the distortion.

Dual Sounds Better

Quality home theater and car audio systems split frequencies into subwoofer, midrange, and tweeter. The same is true for dual driver earbuds.

When dual drivers blend, you hear a full spectrum of sound that a single driver could never replicate. We’re talking less distortion, more volume. What you’re listening to will sound more natural and almost realistic.

Blitzwolf has packed dual driver tech into its latest pair of headphones, the BS2. These headphones deliver a mouth-watering sound experience far surpassing the capabilities of a single driver. Released in mid-2017, they have been rated an excellent value for the money, and produce sound that rivals much more expensive professional audio equipment.

Unboxing the BS2 is where it all begins. The full package includes a gift box and a zipper carry bag.

Both the straight mate black and vibrant accented red versions of the BS2 have a semi-transparent case so you can see the drivers in action. From the box to your ears, the BS2 is a quality experience.

blitzwolf bs2 headphones case

BlitzWolf also has an outstanding reputation for speakers, fast chargers, cables, and other phone accessories. Its previous headphones were made with the latest tech including graphene drivers.

Dual drivers are not a new concept, but in the past they were relegated to the top end of the market. Sound engineers and musicians have been enjoying the wider sound range that dual drivers have brought for years. BlitzWolf‘s dual drivers offer excellent sound, and from the gift box to the sound output, the BS2 is an extraordinary set of headphones. Your ears and eyes will be impressed.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored review.