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BitConnect’s Carlos Openly Endorses Haven Despite Currency Facing Serious Allegations

The cryptocurrency industry is home to recurring trends. That is not entirely uncommon in the financial sector by any means. What is rather bothersome is when people previously associated with Ponzi Schemes seemingly promote another one facing similar allegations. In the case of Haven and Carlos Matos, this correlation may indicate there is a lot more to the current situation than meets the eye. BitConnect Man is at it Again …
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What Is Haven Cryptocurrency?

Ever since Bitcoin entered the global economy, the crypto powerhouse has paved the way for seamless peer-to-peer asset trading between two or more individuals. Not only was it the first to implement a distributed ledger system, but it also makes use of a cryptographic proof of trust module to ensure the safety of each transaction. However, due to the rapid development of the alt-currency sector as well as other unforeseen …
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What Is Haven?

As the Internet gets older and its users get wiser (hopefully), there is a growing desire to strengthen personal information security. Not only is there a concern that malicious actors, black-hat hackers, and criminals may have unimpeded access to personal data, but citizens of the world over are beginning to distrust their governments’ intentions. Edward Snowden, the infamous NSA contractor and defector – living in Russia of all places, not known for …
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