BitConnect’s Carlos Openly Endorses Haven Despite Currency Facing Serious Allegations

The cryptocurrency industry is home to recurring trends. That is not entirely uncommon in the financial sector by any means. What is rather bothersome is when people previously associated with Ponzi Schemes seemingly promote another one facing similar allegations. In the case of Haven and Carlos Matos, this correlation may indicate there is a lot more to the current situation than meets the eye.

BitConnect Man is at it Again

Most cryptocurrency enthusiasts will recall the most notorious Ponzi Scheme called BitConnect. It is a scam which primarily generated trading volume through its own native exchange. Although BitConnect was shut down quite some time ago, its legacy still lives on today. That is, primarily, due to the efforts of Carlos. For those unaware, Carlos is the source of most BitConnect memes found on the internet today.

His presentational skills and “wazza wazza” lines are ingrained in most people’s memory forever. One would expect the fall of BitConnect to put Carlos out of business as well, but that is not necessarily the case. In fact, it seems he has found a new project to promote, either for proper or nefarious purposes. The jury is still out on what one should make of the relationship between haven and Carlos Matos at this time.

One of Carlos’ recent Tweets has caught a fair bit of attention. In the image, ┬áhe allegedly shows off his recent Haven tattoo. While it is not entirely uncommon to see cryptocurrency-related tattoos show up on Twitter, these inked images leave a permanent mark on one’s body. As such, aligning oneself with a project which may not necessarily be around for long seems to be a rather interesting decision.

The main reason why Haven is getting so much flack as of late stems forth from a recent Discord discussion. In this discussion, an interesting topic was raised. It would appear the developer of Haven is the only one who can access the code repository. Again, this is not uncommon in this industry, although it does raise a lot of rather unpleasant questions in the process. Since no one can neither contribute to nor review the code itself, the future of this particular project may be in peril.

There is also the recent Haven price momentum which has some people concerned. A massive drop off has become apparent in the past month, although that seems to be in line with most other projects on the market today. Even so, it seems the most recent price drop is quite steep. That in itself raises more questions as to whether or not this is a scam. These allegations have not been proven to date, but it is important to be aware of everything keeping investors up at night these days.

Although haven is a prominent altcoin which focuses on privacy and anonymity, these claims are quite worrisome. Additionally, the “support” from BitConnect’s Carlos will not help with the project’s public image either. Although this latter aspect may be a pure coincidence first and foremost, one cannot fault cryptocurrency investors and speculators from fearing the worst. Until proven otherwise, however, the project is still perfectly legitimate.

Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency.