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One Warrant Allowed The FBI To Hack Computers In Several Dozen Countries

Ever time news breaks about the FBI hacking computers, there is a reason for concern. As it turns out, the law enforcement agency is responsible for hacking several thousand computers with just one warrant. To make matters even more disconcerting, this warrant allowed executing these machines across 120 different countries–not a positive development by any means, as a warrant like this can end privacy entirely. Major Hacking Spree By The …
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Expected Rise In Information Security Spending Does Not Warrant A Safer Future

Security remains a critical aspect of online communication and information gathering. Most of the companies around the world continue to use ill-advised solutions to protect consumer data and end up failing miserably. A new wave of information security spending will sweep the world in the coming years. Analysts even predict that the total spending on security will surpass US$100bn by 2020. Information Security Is Costly But Necessary Many companies around …
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