One Warrant Allowed The FBI To Hack Computers In Several Dozen Countries

Ever time news breaks about the FBI hacking computers, there is a reason for concern. As it turns out, the law enforcement agency is responsible for hacking several thousand computers with just one warrant. To make matters even more disconcerting, this warrant allowed executing these machines across 120 different countries–not a positive development by any means, as a warrant like this can end privacy entirely.

Major Hacking Spree By The FBI With Just One Warrant

With a total of 8,000 hacks spanning 120 countries, it is apparent that the FBI is slowly becoming far too powerful for its own good. Although law enforcement agencies can obtain warrants during their cyber crime investigations, there is a limit that needs to be drawn at some point. For some reason, that has not happened.

It is important to keep in mind that the 8,000 figure is only an estimate, as the transcript in question is rather vague regarding specifics. We do know that computers in over 120 countries were affected, and how the FBI went far beyond the legal reach of their warrant. This is not surprising, considering that law enforcement agencies think of themselves as being above the law when it comes to cybercrime.

It is the first time, and probably not the last, that a single warrant has caused so much havoc on a global scale. While the warrant in question may not have been specific enough regarding what the FBI was allowed to do, they should never have taken matters into their down hands and gone on a massive hacking spree.

One thing to take into account is how all of these hackers are related to the PlayPen investigation. Bringing online child porn activity to a halt is of the utmost importance, but the FBI’s behavior leaves a lot to be desired. In fact, there are rumors regarding the agency adding even more pornographic material to the server while conducting their investigation.

At the same time, this news raises the question as to how much judges truly understand about cybercrime, to begin with. Without properly drafting warrants and guidelines, they leave the door open to abuse of power on a global scale. That is exactly what has happened here, and it will not be the last time that such a controversial news story breaks.

This news comes at an intriguing time, as the proposed amendments to Rule 41 will soon go into effect. Government officials had until December 1st to oppose any significant changes, but so far nothing has been amended. Mass-scale hacking by law enforcement agencies will only become more commonplace, unfortunately.

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