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Richard Browning Flies at 32 MPH in Iron Man Suit

With so much progress being made in the world of science and technology, it is not surprising that we would see some very strange developments from time to time. Power suits capable of flight are not all that uncommon these days. A new Guinness World Record for the fastest speed attained in such a suit was recently recorded by English inventor Richard Browning – or as most people know him, the real-life Iron Man. Human Flight …
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Chinese Company Sets Guinness World Record for Simultaneously Dancing Robots

Consumers are growing increasingly concerned about the impending robot revolution. Not only could these machines take our jobs away, but the technology is also in the process of being weaponized by militaries worldwide. At the same time, however, robots can also bring a lot of joy to people’s lives. A new Guinness World Record has been set for the largest robot dance in the world. It looks like a lot of fun. …
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