Chinese Company Sets Guinness World Record for Simultaneously Dancing Robots

Consumers are growing increasingly concerned about the impending robot revolution. Not only could these machines take our jobs away, but the technology is also in the process of being weaponized by militaries worldwide. At the same time, however, robots can also bring a lot of joy to people’s lives. A new Guinness World Record has been set for the largest robot dance in the world. It looks like a lot of fun.

Dancing Robots are Oddly Cute

While Elon Musk and other industry leaders urge the UN to ban weaponized robotics altogether, other companies are looking to harness this technology for different purposes. Although Dobi robots are not necessarily designed to break world records, they somehow succeeded in doing exactly that. The company recently set a world record for the most simultaneous dancing robots. It looked as cute as it sounds, and also showed how this technology can be used for positive purposes as well.

Believe it or not, it is not the first time we have seen companies attempt to create dancing robots. There are many things one can do with robotics, other than trying to automate processes and potentially take people’s jobs. Robots are also designed to serve as companions to humans of all ages. Dancing robots are a great way to restore the public’s confidence in robots altogether, as the reputation of robotics has taken a serious hit over the past few years.

Breaking a Guinness World Record with dancing robots is not an easy task. The previous record involved quite a large number of simultaneously dancing robots, and breaking that record was quite challenging to say the least. In this case, Witoys deployed 1,069 F8 Dobi intelligent Humanoid Voice Control Multifunction RC Robots to demonstrate how cool a flash mob of dancing robots could look in the end. The result was pretty impressive, as you can see in the video below this article.

No one will be surprised this new record has been set in China, since the country is on the cutting edge of robotics development. China-based Witoys chose the Guangzhou location to successfully conduct its world record attempt. All of the robots used in this experiment were programmed by WL Intelligent Technology Co, Ltd. It turns out this entire venture was quite a success, although it could have easily failed as well. Some robots tipped over and were not counted as part of the final tally.

It is rather interesting to take a closer look at the Dobi robots themselves. With 17 different movable joints, they can pull off some of the more advanced dancing moves right now. They are also capable of completing other tasks, including singing, boxing, playing football, and pulling off some sick martial arts moves. It’s an all-around impressive robot, to say the least, and it more than warrants the US$330 price tag. Deploying over 1,000 of these robots is quite the marketing stunt by the company.

All of this goes to show there are plenty of positive impacts of robots as well. Events like these demonstrate the robotic industry should not only be feared, but also embraced as a complement to our human society. Given the skills and moves these particular robots can provide to the masses, interesting things will await us in the future. Although not everyone will buy a dancing robot, they demonstrate the artistic power of the robotic sector.