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CFTC Introduces Guidelines for Issuing Cryptocurrency Derivatives

It was only a matter of time until regulators introduced new guidance for cryptocurrency derivatives and associated products. Considering that these investment vehicles are of great interest to consumers and institutional investors alike, it only makes sense that the CFTC would take a special interest in such products. The CFTC’s new Guidelines are in Place Bringing more legitimacy to the cryptocurrency industry can be done in many ways. Regulation will play an …
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New UK Social Media Guidelines Make Cyberbullying A Criminal Offense

Cyberbullying is a threat that is often underestimated and misunderstood. Dealing with bullies on the Internet is very frustrating, and has cost many lives over the past few years. Over in the UK, the government is finally taking action against these practices. Cyberbullies may find themselves facing jail time for ruining someone’s life. Bringing An End To Cyberbullying In The UK Although cyberbullying is a threat that transcends national borders, …
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