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Retrofuturistic Dreams: Postponed, but Not Yet Failed

Humans love to look to the future with wonderment and awe. We love to imagine the crazy things that the future versions of ourselves will create, how we will eat, how we will travel, and how we will live our lives. You only need to look at the covers of old science magazines and publications to see the most ridiculous things that are not too far off from what we …
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Snapchat unveils the Spectacles and Says Its Going to Go Farther Than Google’s Glass Ever Thought

Over the weekend Snapchat announced the Spectacles, a pair of sunglasses with a built in video camera to upload 10-second videos to the social media network. Coming with a price tag of $129.00, most of its 150 million users could snag a pair of these. Snapchat, which has formally changed its name to just Snap Inc., says the glasses are a huge deal as they really haven’t had any innovations …
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Google Shuts Down Project Ara

This past week, Google has discontinued Project Ara. Project Ara was Google’s failed attempt at building a modular smartphone. Ara became a roaring sensation among tech watchers. Ara would have allowed users to upgrade and swap components, by means of exchanging the particular parts which seemed as though they would snap in place. The shit down came as a surprise to everyone, when earlier Google had announced that developer kits …
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