Snapchat unveils the Spectacles and Says Its Going to Go Farther Than Google’s Glass Ever Thought

Over the weekend Snapchat announced the Spectacles, a pair of sunglasses with a built in video camera to upload 10-second videos to the social media network.

Coming with a price tag of $129.00, most of its 150 million users could snag a pair of these.

Snapchat, which has formally changed its name to just Snap Inc., says the glasses are a huge deal as they really haven’t had any innovations in their five year run. This isn’t to say that they needed to, however. With over 15 million more users a day than Twitter, it would seem that they are more than popular, still.

Despite its clumsy disposition, difficult user interface, and the reported $3 billion buyout offer from Facebook, they still out perform almost all social media with more users per day. Statements released from the company say they reach upwards of 41 percent of 18 to 34-year old’s in the U.S. every day.

Snap Inc.’s CEO says the idea should be a lot easier for them to get off the ground than Google’s prior failure, Glass. He also stated that the potential market for wearable gear is going to jump to $25 billion between now and 2019. According to CCS Insight, Snap has a better chance than anyone at making these Spectacles catch on.

“The shades themselves are flamboyant, loud, and pointy. They come in three colors; black, teal, and coral. They are unmistakably L.A. styled. Aesthetically they remind me of the designs, shapes, and colors of another L.A. based company, World Industries. With their upturned corners, the Spectacles look a bit like the World Industries devil mascot. That SoCal vibe seems deliberate,” a report says.

Snap Inc. feels that the Spectacles won’t be a crash and burn failure like Google Glass because of the way they are marketing them.

“Unlike Glass, Spectacles aren’t being marketed as the future of computing. They’re just a pair of shades with a camera in them that cost about what you’d pay for some nice sunglasses,” a statement from Snap inc. said.

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