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Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency Settles at $6,800 After Drop to $6,700

Bitcoin is currently standing at $6,800. After a weekend rise to $7,000, the coin’s ascension was halted suddenly and fell back to the $6,700 mark. It has risen by over $100 since yesterday. The previous rise could be attributed to major financial players getting involved in the crypto space. After repeatedly calling bitcoin a “bubble” and “mere speculation,” wealthy hedge fund manager George Soros gave his company Soros Fund Management …
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Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency Hits $7,000 Mark

Bitcoin seems to be on an ascending path. After incurring a $300 jump yesterday and trading at roughly $6,900, the currency has hit the $7,000 point – a welcome move for many hungry enthusiasts. One of the reasons may be the recent influx of major financial players – some of which had originally turned their backs on cryptocurrency or rejected its notions of legitimacy – who are suddenly becoming more …
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