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Bitcoin Price Watch: Rise to $8,800 – $9,000 Soon to Follow?

Bitcoin has endured an impressive price hike. After yesterday’s short jump to approximately $8,300, the currency has seemingly increased by over $500, and is trading at just under $8,900. It’s a nice bit of news for crypto advocates, and the coin could potentially be trading at $9,000 in just a matter of days. One source goes so far as to suggest the bitcoin bear run may have reached an official …
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France Seeks Crypto Regulation Debate at G20 Summit

The last few months have been filled with statements from financial regulators warning about the potential risks associated with trading and investing in cryptocurrency. Now, according to recent reports, the French Finance Minister believes that regulation of digital currencies is required at the level of the G20. Le Maire to submit proposal to future G20 President According to Reuters, Bruno Le Maire wishes to discuss efforts to regulate bitcoin and other digital currencies at …
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