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The Fold App Will Add More Brands In The Coming Months

There are some rumours circulating on the Internet regarding the demise of the Fold app. Contrary to what some people may prefer to believe, the platform is alive and well. Granted, there is a bit of a drought when it comes to finding people willing to sell their gift cards. However, a new platform infrastructure is being developed, which will support additional brands in the future. Fold Is Planning A …
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Lack of Starbucks Gift Cards Makes Fold App Less Favorable

Fold has quickly become one of the most popular Bitcoin services around the world, as they let users spend Bitcoin at Starbucks locations which accepts payments in US Dollars. However, the service has been down for quite some time now, and it does not look like a resolution is in sight. Fold Issues Continue To Great Dismay People still fail to understand how the Fold service works behind the scenes …
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Cardforcoin Customers Potentially Suffering From Slower Bitcoin Payouts

Regardless of how reputable a Bitcoin service might seem, there is always a likely chance for users to end up getting scammed or losing money. These risks are not inherent to the Bitcoin ecosystem itself, as traditional finance is often suffering from the same fate. Cardforcoin has become a less reliable service as of late by the look of things, despite keeping up appearances on social media. No one is …
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