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Austria Shuts Down Alternative Investment Fund Linked to Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency mining can be a very lucrative business under the right circumstances. However, there are also a lot of concerns regarding this particular business model, as some governments don’t take kindly to the idea of mining Bitcoin or altcoins at this stage. In Austria, one major mining operation was shut down earlier this week. INVIA GmbH and Cryptocurrency Mining Over the past year and a half, there has been a sharp …
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New Zealand FMA: All Cryptocurrencies Are Securities

Not long ago, the New Zealand Financial Markets Authority, also known as the FMA, published a commentary on initial coin offerings (ICOs) and digital currency services. In its statement, the financial regulator declared that the economic substance of a given ICO, alongside a few other characteristics, can determine whether it is a financial product or not. The report proceeded to explain how ICOs can variously fall under the scope of managed investment products, debt …
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