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New UK Cyber Warfare Efforts Focus on an Automatic Government Firewall

Governments all over the world are well aware of cyber threats these days. London will become the “first line of defense” in the cyber warfare industry. With the National Cyber Security Centre officially opening up their headquarters in England’s capital, things are ready to be taken to the next level. London Shifts Focus To Cyber Security As one would come to expect in the cyber warfare game, state-sponsored attacks are …
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The Shadow Brokers Release More Potent Exploits To The Public

The Shadow Brokers continue to make a name for themselves. Although their Bitcoin auction is not seeing much success, the group recently leaked some Cisco firewall exploits. After those security holes had been fixed, the exploits were quickly upgraded to attack more recent versions of ASA. It looks like this group means serious business after all. Cisco Software Remains Vulnerable To Attack So far, a lot of people strongly feel …
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