New UK Cyber Warfare Efforts Focus on an Automatic Government Firewall

Governments all over the world are well aware of cyber threats these days. London will become the “first line of defense” in the cyber warfare industry. With the National Cyber Security Centre officially opening up their headquarters in England’s capital, things are ready to be taken to the next level.

London Shifts Focus To Cyber Security

As one would come to expect in the cyber warfare game, state-sponsored attacks are not out of the question. Security experts are worried about threats emanating from China and Russia, as well as other countries that show an increasing online presence. Nipping these threats in the bud at an early stage is of the utmost importance.

The National Cyber Security Centre in London will primarily focus on automating cyber defenses. Creating new standards for cyber security will be a major challenge to say the least. One of the projects being hyped right now is their automatic government firewall, which should protect consumers and enterprises alike.

To pull off all of these efforts, the NCSC is collaborating with third-party experts to block malware and make sure no phishing emails are delivered to recipients. This new automatic firewall will be implemented by major UK Internet service providers, including Virgin and British Telecom.

For now, development of this firewall is still underway, and there is no official development timeline right now. Some of the basic functions are already deployed in real-life situations, such as mitigating DDoS attacks. Additionally, the toolset is capable of blocking malicious email, albeit in a much smaller capacity than most people would want.

The primary objective is to protect London, which is still the financial capital of the world. Other UK areas will be protected as well, although no specifics were disclosed at the time of publication. With UK ISPs on board, life on the Internet should become a lot more safe for customers. But in the end, one can never take enough precautions.

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