FINMA Approves new AML Guidelines for Crypto Exchange Transactions

Switzerland has proven to be a prominent region for blockchain and cryptocurrencies. That situation may come to change soon, following some new AML guidelines. It is evident that authorities are concerned about cryptocurrencies. More AML Restrictions in Switzerland This is especially apparent when it comes to money laundering and tax evasion. FINMA, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority, has come up with new guidelines. They are primarily interested in transactions …
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FINMA’s Mark Branson Praises Facebook’s Transparency Regarding Libra

The opinions on Facebook’s upcoming digital currency projects remain rather divided. Consumers are not necessarily smitten by this venture, nor are most governments. In Switzerland, however, things are done a bit differently. FINMA’s Mark Branson sees merit in this project and praises how everything is handled in a transparent manner. Mark Branson Likes the Libra It is somewhat refreshing to see a financial supervisory official make positive remarks regarding Facebook’s …
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