Financial Services

What Is BitShares?

Cryptocurrency aficionados are familiar with the concept of BitShares. This particular project offers a wide variety of financial services in…

4 years ago

Bitwala To Focus On Bitcoin Again As Nearly No One Uses The Supported Altcoins

Bitwala, while a great company in the cryptocurrency world, sometimes tends to lose focus of what matters. That is not…

5 years ago

Factom and iSoftStone Partner to Integrate Blockchain Technology and Smart City Solutions

Austin, TX (Feb 4, 2016) – Today, iSoftStone and Factom Inc. announced a Memorandum Of Understanding for the integration of…

6 years ago

Agressive Stance By Metro Bank Shows Why Bitcoin is The Future

Banks are taking an aggressive stance when it comes to conquering the mobile app ecosystem. As more and more everyday…

6 years ago

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