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The Pitts Family Circus Is The First-ever Film Crowdfunded With Ethereum

The cryptocurrency ecosystem allows people to do many crazy and exciting things. Ethereum users have come together to finance a movie, which will make its way to multiple film festivals in 2018. There will also be a crowd-sale, which will be used to generate some additional funding for this project. Titled “The Pitts Family Circus”, this is an interesting concept for sure. Crowdfunding A Movie With Ethereum Smart Contracts? The …
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South African Startup Tackles Movie Piracy With Bitcoin’s Blockchain

  Custos Media Technologies, a South African startup aiming to combat movie piracy using the bitcoin blockchain, has raised $265,000 in seed capital from an unnamed South African investor as well as New York-based Digital Currency Group. G-J van Rooyen, CEO of Custos, said in the press release that the new infusion of capital will allow the company to target indie film makers, which are very vulnerable to financial damages …
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LionsGate Studios To Accept Bitcoin In Partnership With GoCoin

The adoption of Bitcoin into various real world projects has led to its usability increasing by the day. With many big names like NewEgg and TigerDirect jumping on the Bitcoin boat, movie heavy weight LionsGate studios has announced it too will be jumping in to explore the possibilities crypto has within the ever thriving film industry. LionsGate is no new player in the film industry, turning over millions on a annual …
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