LionsGate Studios To Accept Bitcoin In Partnership With GoCoin

The adoption of Bitcoin into various real world projects has led to its usability increasing by the day. With many big names like NewEgg and TigerDirect jumping on the Bitcoin boat, movie heavy weight LionsGate studios has announced it too will be jumping in to explore the possibilities crypto has within the ever thriving film industry. LionsGate is no new player in the film industry, turning over millions on a annual basis the movies giant has announced that it will be adding crypto into the mix with the help of the payments processor GoCoin.

The Inside Bitcoins event may have felt like it finished yesterday but the news which have come out of it have stuck in every cryptoenthusiast around the world. The news that GoCoin is working on a service to integrate Bitcoin into Film.

LionsGate VP  Peter Wilkes offered a crucial insight into the move being publicised by Go Coin. He stated that :

We continue to explore innovative new technologies for connecting with next generation consumers, and we’re intrigued by the possibilities offered by Bitcoins in our media space.

The Bitcoin markets are ones to be excited as this project could potentially allow millions of Bitcoin users acces to movies on demand but could also increase the value of Bitcoin from a investors point of view. With the added value of LionsGate the Bitcoin has potentially obtained its killer app. With GoCoin a extremely simple and easy to use service, LionsGates new service may get much more than it bargained for. 

It’s just gonna be another great place where people go, purchase content ….. it’s the first major film studio, being in Los Angeles, obviously, that is an advantage for us. But we are going after the big studios to help onboard them and make more places where people can spend their Bitcoin.

To conclude, this new partnership will see crypto fans get more value for their coin. With food and electronics already catered for, its time your entertainment was sorted too with the help of crypto. Lionsgate is finally bringing all its hits to crypto and the service is anticipated to be launched within the year providing a unique way to watch the movies you love with the crypto you love. With the studio in full swing pumping out all the movies we love, it may be a matter of time till crypto users will have the chance off testing these uncharted waters.

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