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FashionTV makes its debut into the crypto space with new blockchain app and FTV Coin Deluxe for models and affluent individuals

FashionTV brings blockchain to the multi-billion dollar industry to give models a fair chance at making it big; affluent FTV Coin Deluxe holders will gain exclusive access to everything they’ve ever seen on FashionTV: parties, VIP events, fashion shows, yachts, and everything in between. Vienna – March 2018 – FashionTV, the international fashion and lifestyle broadcasting station that has reached over 1 billion people around the globe, is announcing today its debut …
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FashionTV Jumps on the ICO Bandwagon

It seems everyone and their dog is planning to launch a cryptocurrency of some sort these days. One would almost think the early days of altcoin development are back, but these new coins all serve very different purposes. FashionTV is the latest large entity to announce plans for a cryptocurrency and an ICO. The FashionTV ICO While it may make a lot of sense for companies and TV networks to create their own …
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