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What Is NoLimitCoin (NLC2)?

It seems to be only a matter of time until cryptocurrency, blockchain, and fantasy sports come together in a meaningful way. NoLimitCoin positionsĀ itself as the world’s first cryptocurrency for fantasy sports. It has quite a few interesting features to take note of, although its success is not guaranteed whatsoever. What is NoLimitCoin Providing? Even though fantasy sports have become popular, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have not made a big impact …
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Potential Merger Between FanDuel and DraftKings May Not Be Best For Business

Fantasy sports leagues have become a whole new business model of their own in the past decade. Even in the online space, companies are duking it out to provide customers with the best user experience. DraftKings & FanDuel are two big names in that regard, although that situation may change soon. A merger between the two sites is not unlikely, as both parties are allegedly in talks to make that …
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