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Meet Hoaxy a ‘Fake News’ Search Engine

The rise of social networks and digital newspapers appears to have created (or at least amplified) a side effect: fake, misleading news spread like viral infections through social media. People are either lazy, too busy, or both. Most of the time readers see a headline, read the article, and don’t bother to check the validity of the source of the article. After all who has time to fact check every piece of …
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Number of Fake Bitcoin Wallet Apps On Apple App Store Keeps Growing

As it turns out, there are multiple fake bitcoin wallets to be found in the Apple App Store as of late. Even though the technology giant is allegedly putting these apps through a thorough screening test, different malicious versions have slipped through the mazes of the net. In fact, the number of fake wallets is alarmingly high right now, and we can only hope Apple does something about it sooner …
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