Number of Fake Bitcoin Wallet Apps On Apple App Store Keeps Growing

As it turns out, there are multiple fake bitcoin wallets to be found in the Apple App Store as of late. Even though the technology giant is allegedly putting these apps through a thorough screening test, different malicious versions have slipped through the mazes of the net. In fact, the number of fake wallets is alarmingly high right now, and we can only hope Apple does something about it sooner than later.

Bitcoin Users Need To Be Very Careful

Just yesterday, we reported of a fake Bitcoin Wallet client circulating on the Apple App Store. This application is using the same screenshots as the original version, yet the developers have never ported it to iOS. It is reasonable to assume the Apple variant of this wallet will attempt to steal funds at some point.

But as it turns out, the number of potentially harmful Bitcoin wallets on iOS is growing.  Breadwallet, once often referred to as the only Bitcoin wallet for iOS, has been dealing with very similar issues. Somebody has apparently copied their codebase and released a wallet under a different name, in an attempt to defraud Bitcoin users.

GreenAddress apparently also has an iOS wallet, albeit the developers have never officially confirmed they were working on Apple device support. This wallet could be a fake, and users need to very careful when experimenting with this tool. The same goes for GreenBits, which has not been confirmed as an official legitimate iOS Bitcoin wallet right now.

There is also the BitcoinCore and Blockchain – Offline Bitcoin Wallet apps that raise a lot of suspicions. Neither of these applications is created by the official developers, and users need to be careful when installing these applications. The Bitcoin Armory Wallet is also a potential fake, albeit it is possible one of the official team members has been working on this port in their spare time.

All of this goes to show Apple is not doing a good job when dealing with reviewing Bitcoin wallet applications. The company only recently allowed these apps in the first place, but their process still needs a lot of fine-tuning. Moreover, they are very slow to respond when fake Bitcoin wallets are reported. It sometimes even appears as if the technology giant just doesn’t care whether or not its users lose money.

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