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ExHasta’s Pre-Sale Launches in 24 hours

ExHasta is a digital platform that uses blockchain to fund development of Moonshot projects (game-changing projects, like Elon Musk’s Hyperloop). It also distributes the intellectual property (patents, hardware specs, and all processes involved) to innovators, entrepreneurs, and businesses; and trains them to use it. And you can invest in them now. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article During pre-sale, for just one week, tokens will have a 30% discount, with …
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ExHasta – Integrating and Empowering Innovators

Imagine a group of exceptional individuals with vast experience in using cutting-edge technology to solve unique problems for leading companies. Now, picture this group using their experience and skills to develop Moonshots: high-risk, high-impact projects to shape the future. Imagine all the intellectual property generated for those projects (hardware specs and patents, software and code, contracts and managerial structures, and just about everything else involved) progressively being auctioned, sold at …
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