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ETHLend Seeks European License to Issue Fiat-Based P2P Loans

It is evident there is a bright future ahead for companies looking to mix lending with cryptocurrency. So far, few of these efforts have been particularly successful, but there are always exceptions. In the case of ETHLend, the company is looking to expand into the fiat currency industry. It’s a remarkable development, as we hardly ever see a cryptocurrency firm expand to fiat, rather than the other way around. ETHLend has Major Plans …
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What Is ETHLend?

There are many different business opportunities in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Decentralized lending is a business venture a lot of companies would like to explore. ETHLend is doing exactly that, as their secure financial marketplace for peer-to-peer lending using blockchain and smart contracts is being developed as we speak. It is evident there are many benefits to using such a platform. What Does ETHLend do? When looking for …
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Digix and ETHLend Announces Extensive Partnership on Decentralized Lending

Tokenization of assets. Digix was one of the first proof-of-concept on tokenizing valuable real-world assets. Tokenization means that a value is translated into a tradable and easily transferrable digital format, a token. Digital tokens may represent any value from the real world, such as commodities, shares or property. Every DGX token contains the right to 1 gram of gold that is stored in an audited vault. Therefore, the value of …
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