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Coinbase Wallet Officially Supports the Ethereum Name Service

The Ethereum Name Service is designed to make spending Ether more accessible. Major partners are getting on board with this program, as Coinbase Wallet is now on the list. Sending and receiving Ethereum can be rather complex. Coinbase Wallet Tries Some new Things It is far from ideal to attract newcomers and enthusiasts. Solving this problem requires some innovative technology, such as the Ethereum Name Service.  Coinbase Wallet is the …
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What is the Ethereum Name Service?

There has been a lot of attention on the ENS project as of late. The Ethereum Name Service allows anyone to access information in a decentralized manner while still using easily readable names. This is an interesting take on decentralizing the DNS system we use today. Now is a good time to look at what ENS has to offer. The Ethereum Name Service Gains Traction It is important to note the …
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