Coinbase Wallet Officially Supports the Ethereum Name Service

The Ethereum Name Service is designed to make spending Ether more accessible. Major partners are getting on board with this program, as Coinbase Wallet is now on the list.

Sending and receiving Ethereum can be rather complex.

Coinbase Wallet Tries Some new Things

It is far from ideal to attract newcomers and enthusiasts.

Solving this problem requires some innovative technology, such as the Ethereum Name Service

Coinbase Wallet is the latest major service provider to incorporate this solution.

In the opinion of the company, this makes it a lot easier to send and receive cryptocurrencies. 

Anyone using Coinbase Wallet can direct their payments to a .eth address, instead of sharing a traditional wallet address. 

To make full use of this service, one has to register their proper .eth domain accordingly.

So far, it appears that roughly 133,000 ENS addresses are active on the blockchain.

Impressive as those numbers may be, there are over 88 million unique ETH addresses in existence.

This is not the only new service COinbase Wallet users can benefit from.

Sending money to usernames – starting with the @ symbol – is now possible as well. 

That particular service works with all of the supported cryptocurrencies on the platform, rather than just Ethereum. 

As ENS support grows, its usage may become more widespread as well.