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Vitalik Buterin Convinced the Ethereum Foundation to Sell $100m o Ether in 2017

Any revelation in the cryptocurrency industry tends to create some shockwaves. Even if that revelation has to do with funds being sold many years ago. Vitalik Buterin provided some interesting insights as to how the Ethereum Foundation managed its holdings. Vitalik Buterin Sold During the 2017 Pump During the crazy year 2017, the Foundation liquidated 70,000 Ether.  This was, in hindsight, a very smart business decision given the price per …
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The DAO Holds Over 38% of Entire Ethereum Supply In Contracts

The DAO remains a success story to keep an eye on, as they have overtaken the Ethereum Foundation regarding holding Ether. Keeping in mind how this smart contract currently holds over 38% of the entire ETH supply tied up in contracts, interesting things are bound to happen to the Ethereum price. The DAO Is The Third-highest Funded Crowdfunding Project Just yesterday, we made a mention of how The DAO is …
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