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Price of EnjinCoin Settles Near $0.40 After Major Surge

In recent weeks, many coins have seen absolute explosions in value. The top 10 and top 50 market cap rankings have been penetrated by a number of new contenders, some ascending from well outside the top 100. With many developments poised to occur this month and this quarter, investors are wildly bullish on an array of cryptocurrencies. Among these projects is EnjinCoin (ENJ), whose mobile wallet is slated for release as soon as …
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ShapeShift CEO Erik Voorhees Reveals Hack Was an Inside Job

Swiss-based digital currency exchange Shapeshift.io was shut down last week following a breach, which resulted in hackers emptying out the exchange’s hot wallet. In the aftermath of the incident, Shapeshift CEO Erik Voorhees assured clients that no funds were lost and that an investigation was underway. In a statement posted today on the Shapeshift subreddit, Voorhees revealed that the incident was an inside job. According to his statement, an outside …
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