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Updates on Equifax Breach Frustrate Consumers

Recently, one of the largest personal data breaches ever was made public. A credit reporting company, Equifax, reported that the personal data of over 143 million Americans had been compromised in a data breach. Since then there have been a few updates, and many of them are nothing short of infuriating. Do Not Let Anyone Fool You, If You Have Credit You Were Affected While hearing that 143 million Americans had their …
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Equifax Data Breach Demonstrates the Value of Cryptocurrencies

The credit reporting giant Equifax has been impacted by one of the largest data breaches ever in the United States. If you are living in the US, there is a 50/50 chance you have been affected, as 143 million Americans’ data has apparently been compromised. This serves as a great example of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies having use cases in our world today. Cybercriminals Probably Have Your Information Now While 143 million …
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Equifax Watchlist Check Helps Enterprises Fight Financial Crime

Money laundering and terrorist financing are on the minds of government officials around the world, even where Bitcoin is concerned. The new Equifax Watchlist Check helps companies fight financial crime in real-time The Equifax Watchlist Check  Equifax and BAE Systems have joined forces to launch this new initiative, which is designed to combat financial crime in real-time. By actively screening global data, the Equifax Watchlist Check will support compliance with …
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