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Top 5 Transhumanist Technologies With Major Implications

Transhumanism is one of those technologies that boggles most people’s minds. Do not be mistaken in thinking this has anything to do with being transgender, as transhumanists seek to improve their human capacities beyond what is assumed to be possible. They do so by using top-of-the-line technologies, rather than gadgets or other electronics. Most of these technologies go by unnoticed, which is why we have compiled a brief list below. …
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Top 5 Biohacks With Mainstream Appeal

Biohacking has become somewhat of a trend among technology enthusiasts as of late. Enhancing our human capacities through technological and other means has a certain appeal. Contrary to what people may expect, there are some cheap and efficient ways to go about biohacking¬†for personal purposes. This does not necessarily mean that everyone should go out and do it, though. #5 Neurostimulation Through tDCS The word, “stimulation” has a somewhat negative …
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