Top 5 Biohacks With Mainstream Appeal

Biohacking has become somewhat of a trend among technology enthusiasts as of late. Enhancing our human capacities through technological and other means has a certain appeal. Contrary to what people may expect, there are some cheap and efficient ways to go about biohacking for personal purposes. This does not necessarily mean that everyone should go out and do it, though.

#5 Neurostimulation Through tDCS

The word, “stimulation” has a somewhat negative ring to it, but it is just another way to express an enhancement to what Mother Nature provides us with.  Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation, also known as tDCS, is perhaps one of the safest ways to experiment with biohacks. Enhancing cognition and emotions are two of the main “areas” in which this technique is often used.

Experimenting with this technology can be done through purchasing a dedicated tDCS kit, or creating one yourself. This latter option may be less preferred by most people, since the pre-built kits are somewhat readily available. Do keep in mind that messing around with neurostimulation can cause damage to the brain if no proper research is done beforehand.

#4 Baking Soda Is A Biohack

In some cases, objects we use on a regular basis prove to have some interesting use cases that most people wouldn’t even think of. Taking baking soda orally will enhance CO2 and cell voltage in one’s body.  It will also buffer lactic acid. For exercise performance, for example, this is one of the most convenient biohacks available. Do keep in mind that in some sport arenas this may be considered as “doping”.  Moreover, conduct this practice under supervision to avoid overconsumption.

#3 Experiment With Magnetism

Don’t get any visions of turning into Magneto overnight, but experimenting with magnetism can have some benefits. Even though this is a vastly unexplored research department for biohacking, it is believed that magnetism can benefit regeneration and cure diabetes. One of the more “ mainstream” tools in this sector is the Magnetico Sleep Pad, which allegedly improves sleep.

Unfortunately, this form of biohacking is not the cheapest way to experiment with biohacking. The materials needed to make things yourself, or even the manufactured ones, are rather on the expensive side. But for those with smaller budgets, magnetizing your drinking water may help. Once again, do your own research before experimenting.

#2 RFID Implants

Venturing into the technology side of biohacking a bit more, RFID implants are one of those trends that will gain traction eventually. Pets are embedded with RFID chips, but humans can use the same technology for so much more. Opening doors, adjusting temperature, or even turning on the coffee machine can all be achieved with an RFID implant, assuming that the house is equipped with the necessary sensors to make this possible.

#1 EyeTap And Augmented Reality

The concept of EyeTap has been around since 1981. Most people have seen this technology recently in Google Glass. A tiny device is put in front of the user’s eye or glasses, which acts as both a camera and a way to display additional information. Heads-up displays will find their place in our everyday society, and the added augment reality features can be used for various purposes. More importantly, an EyeTap-esque device can be very useful for people suffering from visual disabilities.

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