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Have You Heard of DogecoinDark?

In bull markets like cryptocurrency, savvy entrepreneurs and deceitful con men have adopted an array of creative approaches to create value for their projects. One such method that has recently been shown as very successful is the act of rebranding. If you weren’t involved in cryptocurrency at least two years ago, you’ll likely have no idea what DogecoinDark (DOGED) is. However, most everyone has at least heard of its current …
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What’s Going on With Einsteinium?

Skeptics and supporters alike are scratching their heads over the massive run Einsteinium (EMC2) has had over the past month, rising from less than $.06 to over $.80 USD. It is currently fluctuating between #49 and #51 on CoinMarketCap, having jumped over 200 spots throughout these last few hectic weeks. Einsteinium has been around since 2014, and since its inception has served the same purpose: funding scientific projects voted on by its holders. 2% of every …
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