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Top 5 Electric Cars With the Longest Range Available in the US

A lot of Americans are looking to buy an electric car now or in the near future. Ongoing advancements and developments in this industry make these vehicles a lot more appealing. Consumers looking for an electric car with the most range will have a few intriguing options to choose from. Rest assured further progress will be made in this regard.  Audi E-Tron  Audi is one of the most renowned car …
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New Report Claims Electric Robo-Taxis Will Dominate the Landscape by 2030

Electric and automated vehicles represent an industry of great importance. Not only can they reduce the number of human drivers required, but they can also address traffic congestion. As it turns out, some researchers feel an electric robo-taxi could be 10 times cheaper compared to owning a car. This threshold is expected to be met by the year 2030, which is quite a bold claim. Electric Robo-taxis May Take Over …
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Top 6 Most Popular Electric Car Models in the US

Electric cars have been a popular hype for quite some time now. It is not entirely surprising to see sales figures go up across the United States. Tesla is clearly leading the charge, although there are some other interesting names on the list. It goes to show the electric car space is growing quite competitive as of late. 6. Ford Fusion Energi It is good to see the number 6 most …
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