Top 6 Most Popular Electric Car Models in the US

Electric cars have been a popular hype for quite some time now. It is not entirely surprising to see sales figures go up across the United States. Tesla is clearly leading the charge, although there are some other interesting names on the list. It goes to show the electric car space is growing quite competitive as of late.

6. Ford Fusion Energi

It is good to see the number 6 most popular electric car in the United States selling over 1,000 units so far. Unfortunately for Ford, this also means a decline in sales, as they sold 1,238 electric cars in March of 2016 compared to 1,002 a year later. Then again, things are still looking quite positive for the manufacturer. They are still well ahead of the next model on the list, which is the Chevy Bolt, selling 978 units.

5. Nissan Leaf

It has been quite a remarkable year for Nissan and their Leaf electric vehicle. Compared to a year ago, the company sold 232 more cars, which puts them at 1,478 for the month of March 2017. This gives them a clear lead over the Ford Fusion Energi, and puts them closer behind the Toyota Prius Prime.  As mentioned before, it is quite the competitive market right now.

4. Toyota Prius Prime

It is impossible to compare the 2016 and 2017 sales figures for the Toyota Prius Prime, as the model wasn’t available in March of last year. Since Toyota made the Prius Prime accessible to consumers, however, the company sold 1,618 electric vehicles. That is quite a good number, and it will be interesting to see if this mode is still in the top 5 in March of next year. Rest assured a lot of manufacturers will have rolled out their new models by then, though.

3. Chevy Volt

It is not entirely surprising to see Chevy in the top 3 of the most-sold electric cars. After all, the company has been working hard on making their product accessible to consumers. With 2,132 units sold as of March 2017, the past 12 months have been positive. In fact, Chevy sold 267 more Volts. Quite an increase for a manufacturer very few people know is actively rolling out electric vehicles.

2. Tesla Model X

No one should be surprised the top 2 most popular electric cars in the US are Tesla models. Elon Musk’s company has been doing a lot of marketing and put together an appealing concept. With 3,900 units sold, the Tesla Model X is clearly miles ahead of its closest competitor. In March of 2016, the company had sold 1,200 of these electric cars. It is evident Tesla is on most people’s minds when buying an electric vehicle.

1. Tesla Model S

Every time someone discusses electric cars the conversation will ultimately turn to the Tesla Model S. It is quite an amazing vehicle that is still somewhat affordable. Some people even pre-order their Tesla S with bitcoin, just because they can. The past twelve months saw the sale of 4,700 Tesla Model S vehicles, compared to 2,000 as part of the March 2016 statistics. A spectacular increase, that much is certain.

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