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Revisiting The Declaration of Independence of Cyberspace

In 1996 the Internet was extremely new. This means it was exciting, captivating, and frothing with potential, but still rather exclusive for the common layman. Prior to and during this time, a degree of tech savviness was required to even access it, and upload/download speeds were a fraction of what we enjoy today. So it is not so crazy to see how the internet used to be a movement, rather than …
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Electronic Frontier Foundation Tries to Raise Awareness on Internet Privacy

While millions of people are still trying to assimilate the fact that Donald Trump won the election, in the United States a movement of concerned activists is trying to warn the incoming administration and the general public about the dangers of massive state surveillance and privacy violations. President-elect Donald J. Trump made radical promises when he ran for office. The billionaire might sign policies that could compromise the rights of …
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The FBI’s New Privacy Invasion Plan Involves Tattoo Tracking

The FBI has no plans to halt their efforts in trying to break consumer privacy down brick by brick. A new proposal would let the law enforcement agency track tattoos by compiling a database of images. Doing so would let the agency develop recognition algorithms. The FBI Tattoo Tracking Trials Tattoos are becoming more popular than ever before, as people want to express themselves in a creative way. At the …
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