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Edge Innovates with Cred DeFi for Wallets

New crypto wallet systems are increasingly taking advantage of decentralized finance tools for optimized digital lending processes. This can eliminate some of the bottlenecks in lending processes, and improve communications, but it can also contribute to better yields and gains for investors. Edge is a Bitcoin wallet creator with a specific history of offering data security to the tech world: when the company launched its first Airbitz Bitcoin wallet in …
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DADI Cryptocurrency Rebrands to EDGE

July 2019, London. DADI has rebranded its business to EDGE, with the new name reflecting its focus on building an edge computing network. There will be no token swap nor any impact on holders of the ERC-20 DADI tokens and over the course of the next few weeks the token ticker name will change to EDGE across exchanges. The new website edge.network will go live next week.  EDGE allows people …
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