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SWIFT Institute Wants Canadian Students To Come Up With Cyberattack Countermeasures

Testing security precautions in the financial sector is an excellent way to discover lingering vulnerabilities. Swift, the global payment network, has announced their 2017 Student Challenge. All students from colleges and universities across Canada can participate in this pen testing project, and trial new methods of protection for banking channels. The Swift Cyber Challenge Is Coming To Canada Under the SWIFT Institute Student Challenge 2017, elected students will partake in …
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BitQuick Set To Return On May 31 2016

A lot of Bitcoin enthusiasts have been wondering if and when the Bitquick exchange would come back after they were breached several weeks ago. According to the website, their relaunch will take place on May 31st, which is good news. BitQuick Will Return Shortly Ever since BitQuick was breached and shut down the service, there has been a lingering doubt whether or not they would ever make a return to …
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What Makes The Blockchain So Exciting, And Is It Justified?

Although there is a lot of focus on blockchain technology right now, evolving the principle of distributed ledgers will require a lot of efforts. The biggest hurdle comes in the form of revamping existing markets and industries, a s this process will take several years to complete. Are we on the brink of a breakthrough, or is all of this talking just blockchain hype? Also read: Is A VC Beneficial …
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