BitQuick Set To Return On May 31 2016

A lot of Bitcoin enthusiasts have been wondering if and when the Bitquick exchange would come back after they were breached several weeks ago. According to the website, their relaunch will take place on May 31st, which is good news.

BitQuick Will Return Shortly

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Ever since BitQuick was breached and shut down the service, there has been a lingering doubt whether or not they would ever make a return to the world of Bitcoin. Things were looking rather bleak, and rumours were circulating regarding the potential sale of BitQuick as well.

However, the platform has been made accessible once again, and a countdown clock indicates the company will resume its business on May 31, 2016. The same two people are running the platform by the look of things, and it remains unclear whether or not new owners are involved.

Another thing that remains unclear is whether or not the team will be providing a full explanation of what happened exactly, and whether or not the platform is now as secure as it could be. It is still possible the team will provide a full explanation as we get closer to the launch date, though.

Every time a bitcoin exchange platform gets breached, there is a question as to whether or not such an event will occur again in the future. We can only hope the BitQuick team stepped up their security, as no one wants to be part of another security breach in a few months or years from now.

All in all, this is very positive news, albeit the BitQuick team had hoped to relaunch their service at the end of April 2016. Unfortunately, that deadline was missed, as they were still in the process of improving security and taking care of some “internal things”. We wish the team the best of luck for their relaunch!

Source: BitQuick

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