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The Emergence of Mining as an Ecosystem

Cryptocurrency mining was first introduced through Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work¬†(PoW) algorithm, and has since been adopted by hundreds of other cryptocurrencies. Since its inception, miners have primarily supported platforms based on their¬†profitability, following the coins whose miner returns offer the highest returns on investment. However, profitability’s dominance is gradually being replaced by other incentives, as projects look to garner more support by providing other resources to the propagators of their networks. One …
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UnitedPharmacies Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments

Adding use cases for Bitcoin is the best way to grow the ecosystem as a whole. While buying prescription drugs with Bitcoin may not be a top priority for most people, it goes to show cryptocurrency is making waves in the pharmaceutical sector as well. Unitedpharmacies will have to build up their reputation before people trust the platform, though. Buying Legal Drugs With Bitcoin One of the more often heard …
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End The Satoshi Nakamoto Manhunt Already

The mysterious creator of Bitcoin – known by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto – keeps sparking the imagination of people around the world. For some reason, it is of great importance to figure out who created Bitcoin and its blockchain technology, although the person or group responsible for this creation does not want to be the center of attention by any means. Granted, it’d be good to know who created …
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