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Economist Claims Bitcoin Bubble Is Still in the Early Profit-Taking Stages

It is only to be expected that economists and other financial experts remain wary of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at this stage. After the onslaught which traders have witnessed throughout most of 2018, the future price direction remains unclear. Economist Joost van der Burgt is confident Bitcoin will fall even further in value pretty soon. Another Doom Scenario for Bitcoin Anyone who has paid attention to Bitcoin price predictions over the …
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Economist Kenneth Rogoff Claims Bitcoin’s Price Will Collapse

Every time the Bitcoin price shows signs of positive momentum, the naysayers will come out in droves. Despite the current Bitcoin momentum, a lot of economists continue to claim the price will collapse sooner or later. The latest person to do so is Kenneth Rogoff, whom some people may recall as the author of a book on currencies written a few years ago. Although the current Bitcoin price trend has created a lot of …
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