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Dynatiq is not Just Another Solution

Since the internet generation, the marketplace became darker and darker with every year. Plenty of scammers, the reality is that stealing became way easier through a keyboard and a screen. Selling and buying aren’t really safe since forever and it’s preventing you from using the real technology’s features; deals with people all around the world without worrying about being scammed. Dynatiq is your solution, not just another solution; a real …
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Trustless Website & Domain Marketplace, Dynatiq Announces Token Generation Event

Internet users, at the start of 2018, are just a bit shy of hitting 4,000,000,000 in total. Online business is at a scale never seen before. The whole e-commerce system almost entirely runs on the internet and platforms reaching out to customers all over the world need to register themselves through domains. As of Q1, 2017, .net and .com, the most popular domains had a total of 143,600,000 registered users …
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