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Banking Trojan Dridex Will Start Targeting Bitcoin Users Soon

Most people will recall the Dridex banking Trojan, which gained a lot of traction earlier this year. As it turns out, the malware is still being developed, and a new version will be released soon. Discovered source code hints at specifically targeting cryptocurrency wallets. This is anything but good news for bitcoin and altcoin enthusiasts. New Version of Dridex Wants Your Cryptocurrency Newly surfaced Dridex samples seem to hint at …
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Cerber Bitcoin Ransomware Creators Use Dridex Spam Provider

The topic of Bitcoin ransomware has been touched upon multiple times over the past few months, but it appears as if Cerber ransomware attacks are on the rise once again. By sending spam email messages through the same infrastructure used by Dridex banking malware, it looks like this threat is far from over. Cerber Ransomware Threat Looms Overhead What sets Cerber ransomware apart from other offerings is how the software …
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